Beaded Beauty !

Beaded Beauty !
Hand made brown leather purse with a 18" braided strap messures 81/2 x 51/2 all hand beaded $35.00 plus shipping

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi Gang ! I've been a busy bee this last month ,hope you all had a great Thanksgiving !
I've been getting things together for my spring line and working on other project as well .
 I'm working on a queen size quilt for my bed ,first time for me so any help will be welcome !!
So far 360  squares on all I have to do is sew the all together ,that should take too long RIGHT ??
I have always wanted a rag quilt so I figured how hard can it be . I'll let you know when I finish it .
Christmas time here again ...Wow where dose this time go ,I keep thinking it is all moving too fast we need to slow down !
We are under a winter storm watch so be careful out there . I have batten down the hatches ,and have yummy supplies stocked for the weekend,  So hold on for the ride .....  keep warm !!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Good Morning !!
I hope you all had a great weekend ,I took a break from creating and spent some time with my hubby we had a wonderful time . Saturday was fill with adding new members to our family . I would like to introduce Buddy and Emmy Lou !
  They are too cute but I'm not use to having new babies in the house again . Boy are they alot of work !!
I was spoiled with my Fluffly she knew what she could get on or not ,Here we go again starting from the beginning. It will all fall into place I'm sure ,but for now I have to hold on for the ride !

Then On Sunday my hubby wanted doughnuts ,Oh and not just any doughnuts we had to go to Eagle Bay Doughnut shop and get their cinnamon sugar ones . ( I have to admit they are soooo Yummy ), don't tell the Hubby  !
Then after he got his sugar fix,we spent the day visiting our favorite spots. I can never get enough of my mountains .

6th lake Inlet New York ,my second home !

On our way home we seen some deer in a parking lot in Old Forge,so we thought it was a great photo op! We got more then we expected !

A beautiful mama and her babes,then we got our surprise ! she walked over to our car and introduced herself.

Well I'm off ,it is Monday and I've got a boat load of things calling  my name.
Be well !  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Tuesday all !
What a fantastic weekend ,hope you all had a chance to enjoy the nice weather .From all the rumors I've been hearin this winter is going to be a cold one  ! so make sure you have your winter britches ready to roll !
Been busy like a bee, buzzin around it's favorite flower  these last few days. Now posting some new things hope you get the chance to check them out drop me a line so I know you stopped on by !

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall Gang !

Well sorry for me being MIA.. computer troubles and summer fun kept me busy . I have been working on many projects in between.... really I have !!  I'll be posting all the new things by next week snapping new pics takes awhile . I look forward to hearing from you all on what you think !

Monday, June 2, 2014

Good Morning !
Got my cup of coffee and a snack and trying to jump start my day .
What a crazy busy weekend ,now that the nice weather is here it is clean up time .So Saturday was the day cleaned up the yard and pool,just about ready for the swimming season ! But we didn't stop there the garden box needed tendin to.

 So we filled it with some fresh soil and natural fertilizer,smelled like we were back on the farm , the tomatoes love it . I can taste that tomato sandwich already ,WOOHOO......LET THE GROWING BEGIN !!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well Holy Cow  !
Today is the new start of a new blog page and my new items . I hope you all like them .
I will be adding things little by little .
I don't know about you all ,but I'm looking forward to the weekend ,even thought we just had a three dayer ! Any time off is a good thing ,gives me more time to do what I love and that is crafting WOOHOO !! I'm off like a dirty shirt to sew ,sew,sew ! Catch ya later :)